Thursday, February 04, 2010

Schizophrenic Trolls

The "objective", if there is one, of trolling is to argue, and to generate useless forum traffic. In other words, to make a nuisance of oneself. Trolls of skill can argue with regular members of any given forum, so deviously, that the real forum members have no idea that a troll is operating.

The "beer and puke" rank trolls know that they haven't enough technique to argue with a forum regular about anything that is of interest or relevance in the forum. In a techie forum, like Blogger Help, the subjects of discussion are technical. The trolls that want to operate there realise that they will be at a disadvantage, because they don't understand the issues there. So, they make up subjects to argue about.

One favourite subject of a "beer and puke" troll is to argue that the other trolls are picking on him.
I'm not doing anything wrong - the other guy is doing it!

Sometime ago, we had a "beer and puke" troll calling itself "Sooji". Sooji has spent a lot of time concocting external "evidence" that it exists. It has a blog, YouTube content, and supposedly membership in other forums. And, it posts in Blogger Help, periodically, waving its arms around screaming about impersonators, pedophiles, and stalkers. And, as soon as we see its screaming, we delete the screaming. And periodically, we delete the accounts that it uses, to post the screams.

Go away, Sooji.


  1. Chuck, and they are like that little bunny than never runs out of energy.
    is this maybe some of the china fall out stuff?

  2. Bob,

    I'm pretty sure that "Bruno" is American. Some of the "Chinese" and "Indian" spam and trolling is possibly American too.

  3. Alex,

    Bruno doesn't have a stalker in Blogger Help Forum, because Bruno doesn't post in Blogger Help Forum.

    If Bruno is being abused by an impersonator, pedophile, or stalker outside Blogger Help Forum, I am sorry for him. But posting loud shouts about "Impersonators", "Pedophiles", and "Stalkers" is off topic in Blogger Help Forum, and is not allowed there.

    Keep it out of Blogger Help Forum. In Blogger Help Forum, we help bloggers with problems with Blogger blogs. We don't work with bank robbery, child molestation cases, or rape victims.

    Go elsewhere to complain about impersonators, pedophiles, or stalkers. Don't pimp Bruno's story in Blogger Help Forum, or here.

    Go away.

  4. Chuck, these same guys are now attacking e-mails, and making threats, i sent them to a phishing file thing on my e-mail, but they know what they are doing and i don't. good luck.