Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Tell You Three Times

The number three ("3") has had special significance to mankind, for a long time.

Mainstream Christian religion observes the number three as the Trinity. The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost are specific objects in Christian religion.

The famous English logician, mathematician, and novelist Lewis Carroll is known for having told us
What I tell you three times is true.

One of my favourite science fiction authors, Robert Heinlein, referenced both Christian religion and Lewis Carroll, in his novel, The Number Of The Beast.
a neg scrub tells her to place item in perms three places. Redundancy safety factor.

In American sports, the game of baseball gives a player 3 specific chances to perform in an offensive role
Three strikes, and you're out.
before giving way to the next player, and the offensive team has 3 specific chances to perform
Three outs in an inning.
before changing places with the other team, and becoming the defensive team.

When dealing with trolls and other disruptive characters, telling them 3 times is again, a form of saying
Listen to me very carefully, because what you hear may affect your future.
It's an attention getter, similar to use of the legendary "Clue by four".

In especially difficult situations, we might triple the effect, by telling not three times, but three times three times. This may be necessary in extreme circumstances.

Please, go away.


  1. Please sir,
    Kindly understand me,
    That spammer is not me.
    I didn't know about him.
    Please understand me sir.What benefit i would get if i done so ?
    No sir.

  2. wow thats so wild all good and bad things come in threes also, so they say.