Sunday, July 16, 2006

Who Am I And Why Am I Writing This?

I'm not your typical MySpace inhabitant. But recently I setup a MySpace account. My nephew has one, and I thought it would be kewl to see what the kidz do with it. Mine is pretty lame right now (well, I can share my favourite music, and that's fun). My Yahoo 360 page, I think, is better (no music there though).

Now, I'm a Network and Security Consultant, and one of my mottoes is about paranoia (the beneficial component of that, anyway). And I've been hearing about MySpace, and how dangerous it is for the youth who use it blindly. But recently, a friend sent me a link, which shows it to be far worse than I imagined.

So recently, in the process of helping a bud of mine figure out how to write a blog about setting up and running online forums (which is a subject that I'm just starting to approach, in my presence in the Google Blogger Help forums), I had a 30 minute IM conversation with him, and at the end, I realised that rather than (in addition to) filling his head with ideas, I had just started writing a new blog. This one.

Now don't expect a lot here immediately. Be patient with me, and come back occasionally. Use the Atom feed , or the RSS feed, too.

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